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Bah Food

Where can you get the best flaming linguisa in town?

Lowell's Best Bar Food

One of Lowell's best fisherman's platter can be found in a neighborhood bar, Captain John's.  The Whipple Cafe is renowned for its daily lunchtime specials - Friday Lobster Roll anyone? Check out some of the specialties from around the city, found at your local neighborhood watering holes.  Note: sadly, since the original posting of this video, Furey's has closed its doors.

The Classics

Bacon and Eggs and a side of beans.

Lowell's Diners

Inspired by rail cars, the first commercial 'lunch wagons' came out of Worcester. Many of them staying open all night, second and third shift workers could catch a bite to eat at one of these 'fancy night cafes' in the wee hours of the morning when their work was done.  Downtown Lowell is home to three of these classic diners; The Owl Diner, The Club Diner and Aurthur's Paradise Diner and they each have their own specialties.

Funky Apple

In a far off land, in the not too distant past, when Chef Jason ruled the kitchen at Ward 8, grilled cheese nirvana was possible.

Funky Apple: Grilled Cheese

Start with Hawaiian Pullman bread, finish with a balsamic drizzle and stuff a lot of cheesey, apple-y, carmelized onion-y goodness in-between.  For a brief moment in time the grilled cheese menu at Ward 8 in downtown Lowell was the sole reason the historic building was a destination dining experience. It was that good. Those days have passed and we are left with only crumbly memories. Do try this at home.

Growing Season

What better than growing your own? 

Mill City Grows

Mill City Grows aims to foster a food justice movement by increasing community access to healthy food, grown locally in urban gardens around the city.  With their Urban Community farm and through both their Gardener Coordinator Institute and Gardener Training Program there's lots of opportunities to get your hands dirty.

Check out Mill City Grows here.

You Say Potato

I say Potahto.


In observance of National Food Day, the kids of the Lowell Boys and Girls club traveled to Verrill Farm in Concord, MA to get their hands dirty and learn about the centuries-old tradition of gleaning.  It was a potastic day!

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