Hey! I'm Pedro

The Artist

Middle and Palmer: The Artist

A Lowell Moment

Artist Dave Drinon sees life in a painterly way. It's a moment in time in downtown Lowell, a Lowell Moment.

Open Studios

Hundreds of artists, scores of studios, a ton of art.

Western Avenue Studios

On the other side of the tracks in downtown Lowell is the largest enclave of working artists in the city and they fling open their doors to the public on the first Saturday of each month. There are 2 buildings, six floors and 245 studios filled with artists working in all disciplines, media and styles.  It's a great way to spend a Saturday.

Visit Western Avenue Studios here.


Behold the art of Dug North.


Dug North's fantastical mechanical wonders have garnered a world-wide following.  From his small workshop in downtown Lowell, North creates seemingly simple toys which belie the inner workings of gears and complicated engineering that breathe life into his creatures.  

Visit Dug North here.

Tablua Rasa

"He always picks up what I'm putting down."

The Vibe

True to their moniker, artist Jeffrey Lipsky starts with an empty canvas as musician Bryan Worley taps out a few experimental basslines, picking up on the vibe of the room.  Over the next few hours, the duo trade licks, Lipskey with pastel on paper and Worley with every slap and tickle of his stand-up bass. In a delicate pas de deux, the art stirs the music and the music spurs the art.  The viewing audience becomes a participant in the experience, lending color and emotion to the resulting canvas. It's a live art performance not to be missed.

To find out more about Tablua Rase email them here


What do you get when you cross a renovated 1820s mill building with a mile of empty walls and a city filled with artists?


ArtUp is a new innovative approach to creating a permanent collection of work by local artists for display on the walls of the Lowell Community Health Center at 161 Jackson Street. This permanent collection will be open to the public and will celebrate the city’s extraordinary wealth of creative talent.

Visit ArtUp here.

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